Valencia, Spain host for EAA’s 17th annual conference

EAA’s 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) will be held on June 21-23, 2018 in Valencia, one of the most friendly cities in the world.


This is the suitable place of light and color close to the beach to stimulate co-learning. The conference will be organized by Enrique Bigne from de Department of Marketing of the University of Valencia. Around 100 papers on topics related to advertising and marketing communications will be presented during the two days of the conference.

The venue will be the University–Business Foundation of the University of Valencia, which is downtown located with serves as a cultural meeting place for seminars and advanced courses. During the conference, several social events will be scheduled. Deadline for submitting a five-page paper abstract is March 15, 2018. More information will follow in the Call for Papers, which will be launched soon. Do not miss this event. We look forward to seeing you in Valencia in 2018!

Call for Papers

The Department of Marketing of the School of Economics at the University of Valencia and the European Advertising Academy are delighted to invite you to Valencia, Spain, for the 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), taking place on June 21-23, 2018. The conference theme “Brand communication with multi touchpoints” encourages new insights into how profitability and customer engagement are affected by multiple and very diverse consumer touchpoints in an omni-connected world.

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ICORIA 2018 Submission Instructions

Download the new ICORIA submission instructions, needed for all researchers submitting papers to ICORIA 2018.

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Conference Chair

Organizing committee at the University of Valencia

  • Joaquín Aldás
  • Luisa Andreu
  • Víctor Ballester
  • Pedro Canales
  • Antonio Carlos Cuenca
  • Rafael Currás
  • Asunción Hernández
  • Inés Küster
  • Carmen Pérez
  • Marcelo Royo
  • Carla Ruiz
  • Isabel Sánchez
  • Silvia Sanz
  • Natalia Vila